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Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection and MasterCard® SecureCode®

Direct Purchases

Your debit card comes with fraud protection against unauthorized direct purchase use. MasterCard’s “Zero Liability” program will not hold you liable in the event of an unauthorized use. However, you must use the “CREDIT" transaction options and sign for your purchases. Click here for more information and other restrictions.

MasterCard Zero Liability

Effective October 17 2014, you will not be liable for any unauthorized transactions using your MasterCard Debit Card if: (I) you can demonstrate that you have extended reasonable care in safeguarding your card from the risk of loss or theft and (II) upon becoming aware of the loss or theft, you promptly report the loss or theft to us. For more details on this Click here

On-Line Purchases

MasterCard’s SecureCode program offers additional protection with your on-line purchases. A SecureCode is a password you create and enter into the pop up window when making an on-line purchase. If the SecureCode is entered correctly, the purchase is authorized to be completed. This will also protect you if your debit card or just the number was stolen. If the thief does not have your SecureCode password, they cannot make an on-line purchase. Click here to sign up for MasterCard’s SecureCode protection.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Call 1-800-500-1044

For lost or stolen debit cards please contact our service provider immediately. Available 24-hours a day / 7-days a week, they will cancel your old card and reissue a new card right away.

Reporting Transaction Errors

Call (321) 452-0011.

To report a transaction error, please call one of our branches or call directly to our operations department at our Merritt Island Office.