Welcome to Addition Financial

Dear Fidelity Bank customers,

Welcome to the Addition Financial family! As a credit union rooted in giving back to our community, we are looking forward to serving you through our merger with Fidelity Bank of Florida.

At Addition Financial, we have dedicated more than 80 years to helping our members achieve their money management goals. Whether you’re opening that first savings account, paying for braces, or purchasing your dream home, you can count on us at Addition Financial to be there for you every step of the way. We believe in building trusted relationships with our members and helping them create successful outcomes in their lives.

We are committed to providing that same excellent service you received from Fidelity Bank of Florida, while adding a full suite of products and services to make banking convenient for you. As an Addition Financial member, you’ll have access to mobile banking, rewards credit cards and debit cards, our 24/7 contact center, branches in six counties and more.

Our people-first mindset is at the heart of all that we do. We are proud to welcome you to the Addition Financial family, and look forward to serving you along your financial journey.

Count us in.


Kevin Miller
President & CEO


Learn more about the merger, how you will be impacted and what to expect.