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Commercial Real Estate Loans

At Fidelity Bank of Florida, loans are available for financing the purchase or refinance of many types of commercial real estate. Whether you occupy the building you want to finance, or you are using it for investment, we may have a loan for you. As a community bank, we are dedicated to providing for the financing needs of businesses and borrowers in our market. 

Our commercial real estate loans are structured to provide funding for:

  • Acquisition
  • Refinancing
  • Construction

Our loan terms are:

  • Individually designed
  • Flexible in rates and terms
  • Competitively priced

Speak to a Commercial lender in your area

Examples of the types of property that can serve as collateral for a loan are:

  • Office Building
  • Office Condominium
  • Warehouse/office flex space
  • Medical Office
  • Child Care Establishment
  • Adult Living Facility
  • Veterinary Clinic
  • Pet Care Facility
  • Small Storage
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Retail

 "If your property type is not listed here, speak to one of our commercial lenders to see if it might qualify."