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Commercial Loans (non-real estate)

Fidelity Bank of Florida can consider Brevard County and Orlando commercial loans secured by non-real estate collateral in certain cases. These loans may be either installment loans or lines of credit.

Installments Loans

Loans secured by non-real estate collateral will be structured to match the business purpose and the type of collateral. Some types of collateral that Fidelity Bank of Florida will consider are equipment and Florida quota liquor licenses. Terms are generally shorter than real estate loans.

Lines of Credit

Often businesses experience cyclical cash needs that can be bridged by a line of credit. Fidelity Bank offers lines of credit customized to meet each business's needs.

Liquor License Loans

To sell liquor in the State of Florida, an establishment must obtain a "quota" license. These are limited in number throughout the state, based on county population. Fidelity Bank makes installment loans to finance the purchase or refinance of a liquor license. 

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