How We Protect You from Identity Theft

Identity theft is no laughing matter and is one of the fastest-growing, and most damaging, financial crimes out there. But Fidelity Bank of Florida, a community bank, can help during this tough time through our protection against unauthorized purchases on your Fidelity Bank of Florida accounts, credit cards, and debit cards.

What to Do Right Away

  • File a Police Report: First off, if you think your identity has been stolen, file a report with your local police department (or, if possible, with the police in the jurisdiction where the identity theft occurred). Obtain and keep a copy of the police report; it may be needed later.
  • Contact Credit Reporting Agencies: Next, contact the fraud division of a credit bureau (Experian: 888-397-3742, Equifax: 800-525-6285, or TransUnion: 800-680-7289). It doesn’t really matter which agency you call, as each is required by law to contact the others with the pertinent info.
  • Closed Accounts and Keep Records: Close all accounts with unauthorized and/or suspicious activity. As you do this, keep detailed records documenting the times and dates of all related calls and the names of the individuals with whom you spoke to. Follow up key conversations with written summaries sent by certified mail.

How Fidelity Bank of Florida Protects You

Being a victim of identity theft can be scary and unnerving. Fidelity Bank of Florida provides several layers of protection to make the process of dealing with identity theft, should it ever happen to you, a little less painful:

  • Your Fidelity Bank of Florida MasterCard debit card comes with fraud protection against unauthorized direct purchase use. To use MasterCard’s “Zero Liability” program, you must use the “CREDIT’ transaction option and sign for your purchases. Click here for more information and other restrictions.
  • You are not liable for any unauthorized transactions using your Fidelity Bank of Florida MasterCard debit card if you can demonstrate that you have extended reasonable care in safeguarding your card from the risk of loss or theft, and you promptly report a loss or theft to us upon becoming aware of such. For more details on this, click here.
  • MasterCard’s SecureCode program offers additional protection for your online purchases. You create a password to use when making online purchases. Anyone who does not have your SecureCode password cannot make an online purchase with your card. Click here to sign up for MasterCard’s SecureCode protection.

Fidelity Bank of Florida takes the security of your identity seriously. If your Fidelity Bank of Florida card is lost or stolen, call our service provider at 800-500-1044 immediately. They will cancel your old card and issue you a new one right away. To report a transaction error, please call your community bank, Fidelity Bank of Florida branch, or call directly to our operations department at 321-452-0011.

Fidelity Bank of Florida serves all of Central Florida with locations in Orlando and Brevard County.