Fidelity Bank of Florida – Highlighting Our Small Business Banking Services

Fidelity Bank of Florida is proud to take part in helping small businesses start and grow through small business administration (SBA) loans, commercial real estate loans, and other commercial loans. Fidelity Bank of Florida’s knowledgeable lenders are ready to customize a loan solution that will work best for your business.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

Our experience with SBA loans lets us help you grow and expand your business. There are two classifications of SBA loans: 7(a) and 504.

The 7(a) loan, intended to enhance business growth, includes lower down payments, financing of non-real estate costs, and variable-length terms with no balloon payments.

The 504 loan is to allow a business to acquire real estate and finance it over a long term at a low rate. With a 504, Fidelity Bank of Florida can make a first mortgage as part of a two-part loan with a Certified Development Company (CDC) making a second mortgage.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

We can help finance the purchase or refinance many types of commercial real estate. Our commercial real estate loans are structured to provide funding for acquisition, refinancing, or construction. What’s more, our individually-designed loan terms are flexible in rates and terms, as well as being competitively priced.

Commercial Loans (Non-Real Estate)

We can consider a commercial loan secured by non-real estate collateral in some cases, either as an installment loan or as a line of credit.

  • Installments loans secured by non-real estate collateral will be structured to match the business purpose and the type of collateral. You’ll find that the terms generally aren’t as long as with real estate loans.
  • We are able to offer a customized line of credit to help your business overcome cyclical cash-flow challenges.
  • To sell liquor in the State of Florida, you have to purchase one of a limited number of "quota" licenses. We offer installment loans for the explicit purpose of financing the purchase or refinance of a Florida liquor license.

Of course, Fidelity Bank of Florida provides an array of services for your everyday business needs, including small business administration loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, and debit cards. Talk to a business banker at Fidelity Bank of Florida today at 321-452-0011.

Fidelity Bank of Florida serves all of Central Florida with locations in Orlando and Brevard County.