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3 Reasons to Easily Transition to a New Bank

Sometimes, people stick with their bank even when they aren’t happy with them. Why? Because switching financial institutions can seem overwhelming, difficult, and costly. Well, not everything in the world is free and easy, but here’s one thing that is: The Fidelity Bank of Florida Free-N-Easy Switch Kit.

With the Fidelity Bank of Florida Free-N-Easy Switch Kit, it’s simple to:

  • Change payroll direct deposit
  • Change automatic payments/withdrawals
  • Change pension/dividend direct deposit

But Why Switch to Fidelity Bank of Florida?

You may be wondering why you should switch to Fidelity Bank of Florida, a community bank. Well, the main reason is that our people make the difference in your banking experience. Here are three ways our people will make your banking experience better (and three reasons to transition to Fidelity Bank of Florida):

  • You, our customer, are extremely valuable to us. You see, loyal customers and referrals drive our business. To that end, we strive to create relationships with our clients that will grow over time. Our goal is to provide you with world-class service and to make every contact you have with us a friendly and positive experience.
  • We know how important personalized service is. We’ll help you find the banking products that work best for you and your specific financial goals. And you’ll never feel pressured or rushed at Fidelity Bank of Florida. We take the time to make sure all your questions are answered and that you understand all your account options so that you can be confident that you are choosing the right product(s).
  • We don’t like “bankers’ hours” either! Not only do we offer convenient hours at our branches, but our locations are right where you need them, and that includes ATMs. Because we are a member of Presto!, you’ll be able to use your Fidelity Bank of Florida debit card at any ATM machine at any Publix without a service charge. What’s more, you also can take advantage of our Internet Banking services at no additional charge.

We are not like other large financial institutions, and we are very proud of that. There certainly are many banks that would like to have your business, but we are the only one that will treat you like a friend. Stop in at your community bank, Fidelity Bank of Florida, today to chat with a banker.

Fidelity Bank of Florida serves all of Central Florida with locations in Orlando and Brevard County.